Indiana’s Cool North

Indiana’s Cool North is a regional tourism organization made up of several county CVBs in Northern Indiana. The goal of the campaign was to affordably push out relevant content to our highly targeted Look-alike audience. The aim was to beat all of the national digital benchmarks by delivering a lower cost per click, higher click-through rates, and getting as many eyes on our newly created content as possible! Indiana’s Cool North built out robust landing pages with relevant useful information that kept travelers engaged once arriving at the pages increasing time on site. This award-winning campaign reached well over 3 million travelers and kept costs per click lower than any CVB could achieve on their own.

Through this campaign, Indiana’s Cool North was able to achieve or surpassed every digital goal we had set for ourselves.

Food Wars

Northern Indiana Tourism developed the Food Wars project back in 2015. The goal was to create a social media campaign that drove business to our local restaurants in the area. Burger Wars was the first official Food Wars campaign. This promotion highlighted 56 burger restaurants from across Northern Indiana as they competed in an online voting contest to see who is making the best burger in Northern Indiana. In the end, this promotion had a big impact on the businesses that did well and still to this day are seeing an increase in burger sales for their promoted burger. All final 8 burger restaurants saw a noticeable increase in business and many had to order more meet on a weekly basis to keep up with demand! Since 2015, Northern Indiana Tourism has created more successful Food Wars competitions like Pizza Wars, Taco Wars, Breakfast Wars, and Beer Wars.

This Campaign won a marketing award from the Indiana Tourism Association.

Janus Motorcycle

Alliance Marketing Group partnered with Janus Motorcycles to help promote one of the “coolest” businesses in the region. Janus Motorcycles is a locally owned business that sources all its parts from around the area. Most of these are from small Amish shops just a few minutes down the road from their Goshen headquarters. In this unique partnership, AMG was able to set up video shoots for their three motorcycle brands across the region. Each shoot was different to match the brand of each bike and its riders. The goal was to show these great bikes that are made here in Goshen, touring and visiting other great places in the region.

The campaign showed potential customers how they might get the most out of their ride when they come to try out a Janus Motorcycle of their own!

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